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the story of drizamat

The innovation for the Drizamat came about due to an ongoing frustration we encountered in our caravan.  As we have a combination toilet/shower in our van, the problem we found was when we had a shower the floor remained wet and it was extremely difficult to get the caravan 100% level to achieve effective drainage. The children during the night would utilise the toilet and stand in water wearing socks, or secondary they would be playing outside, come in to use the toilet stand in water and track sand and mud throughout the van.

When frequenting caravan parks throughout Australia,  we often enquired how other people tackled this situation. Overwhelming the same responses were, either they wiped the floors dry after every use or used a duckboard.  They responded they would place the duckboard in the shower to ensure when they used the toilet they were above the water. We also explored this option. We soon discovered that although effective, this was less than ideal.  The screws began to rust and thus stain the shower floor and they then became a tripping hazard in the hallway when someone was showering.

After an extensive research for a product that could stay in the shower but be folded up away when showering and likewise be folded down when needed to use the toilet.

I then made a telephone enquiry through one of the major caravan parts suppliers in Australia, explaining what I was looking for to the lady on the phone. She then replied “There is nothing like that on the market, but that’s a great idea. You should come up with that” Hence the Drizamat was born.

-    The Drizamat is versatile enough to also be used for boating (combined shower/toilets, pop -up portable camping showers, outdoor showers and dongers (combined toilet/shower). 


Developed and designed using the best material ensures Drizamat is built to last.

  • Hardened PVC – with the ability to cut to size.

  • Weight rating of 160Kg,

  • No parts that can rust,  warp or rot.

  • UV rated.

  • Mould resistant.

Drizamat | Folded up


Single piece




Strong.  Rated

to 160kg,




Can be cut

to size.




Tested for

the toughest


Drizamat | Folded Down





to shower


Drizamat | Combo Shower Demonstration
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